What We Do

The Council was established to administer the forest practices component of the Managed Forest Program, which includes the protection of key public environmental values on private managed forest land.

We are responsible for the administration of private managed forest land legislation, including these four broad functions:

Strategic Planning, Reporting, Program Administration

Carry out strategic planning, including liaison with Provincial, Federal, and local government interests

Prepare and make publicly available the annual report

Collect annual administration fees

Set and Monitor Forest Practice Standards

Set or amend forest practice standards in accordance with the objectives set out in the Private Managed Forest Land Act and associated regulations

Monitor the effectiveness of the established forest practice standards

Prior to changes to standards (other than minor administrative changes) consult with managed forest landowners, relevant government agencies, and other persons that may be affected by changes

Enforce Standards and Perform Audits and Inspections

Conduct or participate in forest practices audits and inspections, and ensure auditors/ inspectors perform in accordance with the legislation

Respond to complaints, and conduct associated investigations

Enforce the established forest practice standards in accordance with regulations and the principles of natural justice

In case of landowner noncompliance, use appropriate enforcement tools

Review Landowner Applications to Enter Managed Forest Class

Review and accept management commitment applications that meet the requirements of the private managed forest legislation, and forward them to BC Assessment which then determines whether the applications meet BC Assessment requirements for managed forest land.