Field Practices Guide

Field Practices Guide

Council’s Field Practices Guide has been updated and is available online.  This reference guide provides a summary of regulatory obligations under the Private Managed Forest Land Act and regulations, and example forest practices for meeting those obligations. 

The primary focus of the Field Practices Guide is to encourage and highlight sound field practices in relation to the forest management objectives and regulatory requirements for: soil conservation, water quality, fish habitat, critical wildlife habitat, and reforestation.  The guide also contains information on the regulatory framework, role of council, owner administrative responsibilities, risk management, and due diligence.

The Managed Forest Council first initiated the Field Practices Guide in 2008 to aid landowners in their field decisions and meeting their regulatory obligations. The guide was revised and reprinted in 2015 to reflect legislative changes, and again in 2021. 

The key regulatory change reflected in the 2021 guide is the 2019 addition of  sec 14.1 to the Private Managed Forest Land Council Regulation (Council Regulation).  Sec 14.1 provides greater protection for water consumed by humans.  The 2021 Field Practices Guide revisions also include minor administrative changes to clarify language and update web links & resources.