Private Managed Forest Land Act

  • Establishes the Council, including its objectives, scope of operations, and authority
  • Establishes objectives for soil conservation, water quality, fish habitat, critical wildlife habitat, and reforestation
  • Provides procedures for private managed forest land application, withdrawal of management commitment, exit fees, annual declarations and local government restrictions with respect to land uses
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Private Managed Forest Land Council Regulation

    • Regulation made by the Managed Forest Council
    • Establishes owner requirements with regard to:
      • administration
      • soil conservation
      • structures and activities near streams
      • fish streams and drinking water intakes
      • reforestation

Private Managed Forest Land Council Matters Regulation

  • Regulation made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Establishment of water quality objectives
  • Council review of requests with respect to administration and exit fees
  • Remediation orders
  • Offences
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Private Managed Forest Land Regulation

  • Regulation made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Determination of exit fees
  • Provisions for critical wildlife habitat, including appeals
  • SCHEDULE A: list of forest management activities with respect to restrictions on local government authority regarding land use
  • SCHEDULE B: Exit fee adjustment factors based on number of years property is assessed as managed forest land
  • SCHEDULE C: list of species at risk with regard to establishment of critical wildlife habitat
  • Amendment December 2004 adds definition of ‘local government’
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