Other Federal & Provincial Legislation

Private land owners are subject to other federal and provincial legislation. All provincial legislation can be viewed on the BC Laws website at http://www.bclaws.ca. Key legislation relevant to private land includes, but is not limited to:
Assessment ActClassification and valuation of managed forest land
Assessment Act:
Managed Forest Land and Cut Timber Values Regulation

Determination of land and cut timber values:

  • Schedule A: map of valuation areas
  • Schedule B: managed forest land values
  • Schedule C: cut timber values for managed forest land-coast
  • Schedule D: cut timber values for managed forest land-interior
Assessment Act:
Prescribed Classes of Property Regulation
Class 7- Managed Forest Land
Drinking Water Protection ActDrinking water protection, guidelines, permits, contraventions, and plans
Environmental Management ActEnvironmental protection and emergency measures
Environmental Management Act
Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation
Burning restrictions, requirements for designated smoke sensitivity zones, exemptions, penalties
Fisheries ActFish habitat protection and pollution prevention, harmful alteration of fish habitat
Integrated Pest Management ActProhibitions and authorization of pesticide use and sale, compliance, offences and appeals
Integrated Pest Management Act:
Integrated Pest Management Regulation
Regulates the sale, use and handling of pesticides including licences, certificates and permits, notices, records and reporting
Land ActLand registry, offences, Crown grants, bodies of water, trespass, surveys
Water Sustainability ActLicensing, diversion, ground water protection, offences
Water Sustainability Act:
Water Sustainability Regulation
Expropriation of land, changes in and about a stream
Wildfire ActProtection requirements, government authority, administrative remedies and cost recovery
Wildfire Act:
Wildfire Regulation
Fire prevention, hazard assessment & abatement, control, exemptions, cost recovery, administrative penalties
Wildlife ActCritical wildlife areas, endangered and threatened species