What is Managed Forest Land?

Managed Forest Classification
Managed Forest Land is a BC Assessment property classification (class 7) established in 1988 to encourage private landowners to manage their lands for long-term forest production.


  • A minimum of 25 hectares is required. The property may consist of more than one parcel provided the parcels are contiguous. If the land is 50 hectares or less, at least 70% of the land must be productive. If the land is more than 50 hectares, at least 50% of the land must be productive.


  • Local Bylaws and Covenants must not prohibit the use of the land for the growing and harvesting of trees.
  • A signed Management Commitment filed with the Council that signifies the owner’s commitment to use the property for production and harvesting of timber and associated forest management activities.


  • Comply with the Private Managed Forest Land Act and regulations, including protection of key environmental values.
  • Annual administration fee paid to the Council. The fee is determined each year by Council based on a rate applied to the bare land assessed value of the land and a general administration fee to distribute the cost of the program equitably among managed forest owners.
  • Annual declaration form that highlights forest management activities completed during the year, including harvesting, destroyed timber, road construction, road deactivation and reforestation.
  • Notify council within 24 hours of becoming aware that a landslide or debris flow has occurred and has deposited debris into a stream.
  • Pay an exit fee if the property is withdrawn from managed forest land class within 15 years. The fee is based on the difference between the tax that was paid as managed forest land and the tax that would have been paid had the property not been managed forest land class, with a discount related to the number of years classed as managed forest. Exemptions apply in certain circumstances, such as the expropriation or donation of land for public purposes.
  • Provide a Notice of Sale within 30 days if the property is sold.

Additional Information


Visit the BC Assessment website for more information on the valuation and taxation of managed forest land.


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