Administration Fee invoices will be in the mail to owners in early February.

Owners of private managed forest land are required to pay an annual administration fee in accordance with Section 9(2) of the Private Managed Forest Land Act.  The fees fund the operation of the Managed Forest Council and Managed Forest Program for the year.

Council sets the rate of the annual fee for each fiscal year. The fee has two parts:

  • a general administration fee applied equally to all owners, and
  • a fee calculated as a percentage of the bare land assessed value of the owner’s private managed forest land

The 2019 annual fee rates are: $250 + (managed forest bare land assessed value/1000 x 0.276).

Increase in general administration fee:  Upon review Council has increased the 2019 General Administration Fee from $120 to $250.  The increase will deliver a more equitable coverage of costs to administer the program over the range of managed forest sizes within the program.

Late Administration Fees – Council has implemented a new late administration fee procedure.  For payments that have not been received by March 15, 2019:

  1. March 15– a $25 late administrative fee will be applied to each outstanding invoice
  2. June 15– a second $25 late administrative fee will be applied to each outstanding invoice.

Council’s policy for late payment of annual administration fees can be seen here.