Annual Declarations: Due May 1, 2017

Annual Declarations: Due May 1, 2017

One of Council’s administrative roles is to collect information on the forest management activities of Managed Forest Owners. Owners are required, by the Private Managed Forest Land Act, to submit an Annual Declaration each year that summarizes their forest management activities for the previous year.

The Annual Declaration Form is mailed to owners in February each year and is due by May 1.  The fillable pdf form is available here: Annual Declaration Form

The Annual Declaration includes information on:

  • Harvesting: area and volume
  • Destroyed Timber (for example due to wildfire, insect attack): area and cause
  • Roads: length of construction and deactivation
  • Reforestation: area of stands that are restocked or successfully regenerated

This year there is a new requirement for the Annual Declaration: for owners who have harvested, restocked, or successfully regenerated more than one block during the year, a listing of these blocks will be required with the Annual Declaration form.

This addition to the annual declaration allows our office to efficiently track an owner’s multiple obligations by year, and facilitates our inspectors’ planning and assessment of owner compliance when conducting their inspections.

Instructions on the back of the Annual Declaration form provide guidance to owners on the information to be included. The requested information is:

  • block ID and hectares for harvested blocks
  • block ID, year of harvest, and hectares for blocks declared restocked or successfully regenerated

Owners have the option to include any other information they deem useful.

Download the Form in fillable pdf format:

Annual Declaration Form & Instructions