MF Inspection Program 2022

MFC ensures compliance

MF Inspection Program 2022

The Managed Forest Council (Council) is the independent provincial agency responsible for administering the forest practices component of the Managed Forest Program, which includes the protection of key environmental values.

The Private Managed Forest Land Council Regulation (Council Regulation) provides clear requirements for owners, contractors, employees and agents with respect to the key values. The legislation is a results-based regulatory model that allows forest owners to develop and use management strategies most appropriate to the scale and location of their operations. 

As part of Council’s responsibility for monitoring and enforcing forest practices standards, an annual inspection program is carried out to assess managed forest owner compliance with the regulatory requirements. 

Council has a policy to inspect all managed forests at least once every five years, as well as to inspect new managed forests within three years of entrance to the program. Managed forests may be inspected on a more frequent basis where potential environmental risk has been identified, such as higher levels of operations in proximity to water intakes or fish habitat. 

The 2022 inspection program includes 53 managed forests located throughout BC.  A team of eight forest professionals will carry out the inspections and complete associated inspection reports.  Inspections focus on harvesting; road construction, deactivation, and maintenance; and reforestation.

Managed forest owners who have been selected for the 2022 inspection program have been notified and will be contacted shortly by an inspector to set up an inspection date.   Owners are encouraged to attend the field inspection and discuss their forest management plans and activities onsite with the inspectors.