Council is seeking individuals with operational experience over a range of disciplines to join our inspection team for the 2016 inspection year. If you possess operational experience in road construction, road maintenance and deactivation, timber harvesting and silviculture, and would be interested in joining our inspection team please submit a brief resume via e-mail to Candidates must be registered or eligible for registration with the ABCFP. Resumes will be accepted for consideration until January 29, 2016.

The Managed Forest Council was established in 2004 under the Private Managed Forest Land Act (Act) to administer forest practices on private managed forest land, including the protection of key public environmental values as identified in the Act.

The Council administers the Managed Forest Program. It assesses the performance of Owners in five key resource areas related to soil conservation, the protection of water quality and fish habitat, reforestation, and habitat for species at risk. The primary method used to assess performance is through its annual Inspection Program. Each year Council inspects between 50 and 60 managed forests across the Province.

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