Water Quality & Fish Habitat: Important Regulatory Information for Landowners

Water Quality & Fish Habitat: Important Regulatory Information for Landowners

Protection of water quality and fish habitat are two of the forest management objectives identified in the Private Managed Forest Land Act.  The Private Managed Forest Land Council Regulation (Council Regulation) provides clear requirements for owners, contractors, employees, and agents with respect to these objectives. The requirements focus on stream classification, practices related to protecting water quality for human consumption, and retention of streamside trees and vegetation to protect drinking water and fish habitat.

Managed Forest (MF) Owners must be aware of these regulatory requirements when planning for and carrying out forest activities such as timber harvesting, road construction, road maintenance, and deactivation.

MF Owners and those who work for them are expected to meet the standards and outcomes described in the Council regulation by applying sound judgement and well-established work practices.  If a problem should develop or a non-compliance is identified, it is important that owners can demonstrate due diligence in their planning, risk assessment, and operational implementation.

Reminder: Owners are required to notify the MF Council within 24 hours of becoming aware that a landslide or debris flow has occurred on their land and has deposited debris or sediment into a stream that supports fish or is upstream of a licensed waterworks intake.  The Form is available here.

View the following for information associated with the regulatory requirements and field practices that will help owners meet their practice obligations:

Environmental Incident Form: to report landslides or debris flows