Reminder: Notice of Sale Required Within 30 Days

Reminder: Notice of Sale Required Within 30 Days

Owners are required to report the sale of all or a portion of their managed forest land within 30 days of the sale, in accordance with Section 11 of the Council Regulation:

Notification of sale of private managed forest land

11        (1) If the holder of a management commitment under section 17 of the Act disposes of the land to which the management commitment applies, the holder must give notice to the council within 30 days of the disposal.

The Notice of Sale form is available on the website here.

Notices of Sale enable our office to contact purchasers of managed forest land and provide timely information on their requirements to apply if they wish to have the land remain in the Managed Forest Program.

This year Council has become aware of several sales of managed forest parcels for which Notices of Sale have not been submitted within 30 days. Council will pursue penalties for confirmed non-compliances under the Private Managed Forest Land Act Division 2- Administrative Remedies.

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